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Another service we have is Bioretention. This is the process in which contaminants and sedimentation are removed from stormwater runoff. Stormwater is collected into the treatment area which consists of a grass buffer strip, sand bed, ponding area, organic layer or mulch layer, planting soil, and plants.

We Offer A Variety of Services:

Mass Installation of Trees, Shrubs, Native Grass, Ornamental grass, Aquatic plants, Hydroseeding, Land Clearing, Erosion Control, contract growing,bioretention plants and installation

Proudly Serving Our Customers Since 1999

                    Other Services:               

Backed by over 18 years experience, we know the in's and out's of mass native grass and aquatic plant design and installation. Customers can see the difference in our experience. We work with all types of soil conditions, locations and plants. At Lowcountrywetlands, Inc., we take tremendous pride in our work and strive for complete satisfaction from our clients.
    • Bio-Retention Design and Installation
    • Cattail Removal
    • Contract Growing
    • Environmental Landscaping
    • Erosion Control
    • Golf Course Design
    • Hydroseeding
    • Mass Planting & Design of Aquatic Plants
    • Mitigation Projects
    • Mulch
    • Native Grass Installation & Maintenance
    • Ornamental and Migitation Plants
    • Pine straw
    • Pond Maintenance
    • Removal
    • Saltwater Species
    • Small Tree
    • Transplanting
    • Tree Delivery and Installation
    • Turf and Sod Installation
    • Unwanted Water Vegetation Clearing
    • Wholesale Nursery

We specialize in native grasses, aquatic plants, vegetation removal and control, hydroseeding and mitigation services; along with removal of cattails in Georgia,
South Carolina 

Service Areas:

Proudly Serving: South Carolina, and Georgia 

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Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm